Nomanini means ‘anytime’ in Zulu. The company was founded in 2010 when a team of entrepreneurs set out to solve the problem of distributing mobile prepaid services in townships and rural areas. The simple “mini-business” concept was born with the design on the portable Lula transaction terminal.

Nomanini is a social enterprise based in South Africa. Our vision is to support entrepreneurs serving their local communities. We believe that access to mobile services has radically improved and continues to improve the livelihoods of millions of people living at that base of the pyramid. The connectivity provided by mobile services is absolutely essential for trade and commerce. Our product enables informal market entrepreneurs working within their local community to print and sell airtime easily. Local communities can thus conveniently access and participate profitably in this massive and essential mobile services value chain.

Nomanini’s Lula airtime vending terminal is designed for informal market users. It’s fully mobile, can be worn around the neck, easy to use, robust, low-cost and prints on standard thermal receipt paper. This is a uniquely south african-born and bred solution with great potential in the rest of Africa and wider emerging markets.

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