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Economic growth and investment in sub-Saharan Africa have gained such momentum that it is no longer just specialised investors with a high risk appetite and close local connections who look to invest in Africa. Equally, governments on the continent have recognised that sustained development will not be possible without a strong private sector and continued integration into the global economy. Another key shift derives from new emerging market entrants to Africa, most notably China, India, but also Malaysia, South Africa and Brazil.

As much as there are undoubted business opportunities, there are also clear risks in sub-Saharan Africa. Risk in itself is not an obstacle – but investors, whether local or international, need to know which risks they face and how these can be mitigated. Information is crucial for this.

To date, both quality and quantity of information for investors remain bottlenecks for most countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Ratio Magazine aims to:

  • Provide information of the east African business and economic environment, highlighting both opportunities and risks.
  • Provide structured analysis to support informed risk management;
  • With a clear market and private sector focus, discuss the roles and responsibilities, but also limits, of government to create a supportive environment for responsible business.
  • Situate East Africa in the wider dynamics of economic development in sub-Saharan Africa and globally to support the region’s integration into the global economy and the pursuit of global best practices.

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