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Umuntu MediaUmuntu Media started as a dream, a dream about connections, people and information. A dream to fill the gap and change the way six African countries will communicate, transact, find information and keep informed online.

Umuntu Media aims to be the leading pan-african local content company in Sub Saharan Africa. The name Umuntu means “person / people” in the Ndebele African language. Ndebele is part of the Bantu group of languages in Africa– by one estimate there are 522 languages in the Bantu family.

Umuntu Media launched Mimispot: a free online community platform that enables you to talk and trade easily with people living around you. All you need is just your phone!

Mimispot is a unique social platform óf and fór Africa and always at your fingertips. Now it’s incredibly simple to stay up to date on everything that is happening in your local community. You can share local news, promote your products or services, find the best deals, request a ride or simply talk with people around you about all aspects of life. And all of this just from your (feature) phone optimized for using minimal bandwidth.


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